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Kenya Stove was founded on the idea that a high-performing household charcoal stove could be made more affordable. After a two year design process, the Jiko.Joy! charcoal stove is now in production. It is about half the price of products of comparable performance. It is a 100% Kenya-designed and manufactured product. Our first customers have been using the product for more than a year now, and have found that the stove has great durability, is convenient to use, and cuts charcoal consumption by half.


In addition Kenya Stove provides product design and prototyping services to a range of clients, including private sector and development organizations, with a focus in the areas of agriculture and energy.


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Jiko.Joy! the affordable high-efficiency charcoal stove manufactured by Kenya Stove

The Jiko.Joy! charcoal stove is a new product made in Kenya for the African market. It is a uniquely affordable, durable, and energy efficient stove that has been designed with extensive input from end users.

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